GWave Analyzer

Author: Francesco Abbate

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Just a screenshot
A screenshot

Gwave Analyzer is a little program for Linux which allows you to visualize and analyze a RIFF WAVE file.
In particular the program has the ability to perform:

- A Fourier Transform of a portion of the file.
- The analysis of the pitch of the sound.
- The extraction of the melody from the file.

The latter is the special ability of GWave Analyzer: the program does create a MIDI file which reproduce the melody of the file. However this function work only if:
1- The file contain a melody played by a single melodic instruments.
2- There isn't different note played at the same time (i.e. no chord )

( This second requirement should be dropped in a future version of the program. )

Indeed Gwave Analyzer is not a great program but perhaps it could be useful (at least if you haven't a better program :-) ).

If you want to contribute in some way to the program, please e-mail to: